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Hey my dear  fans.
Would you like to see me in action? Here you are! Watch the slutty TS Celeste Fuentes sucking a big hard boner. Its salty taste gives me the thrill and I sure will give it till the very end. No man has yet withstood the power of my throat. My soft lips are hungry for that piece of meat and I am ready to do it like a perfectly educated whore.

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TS-Celeste-blowjob-01 TS-Celeste-blowjob-02

TS-Celeste-blowjob-03 TS-Celeste-blowjob-04

TS-Celeste-blowjob-05 TS-Celeste-blowjob-06

TS-Celeste-blowjob-07 TS-Celeste-blowjob-08

Those of you who are following my updates must be aware of my blowjob passion. I am a fucking cock nymphet ready to suck them dry whenever I see one rising from the pants. Yes Your beloved TS Celeste is as bad as that. Now prove me wrong but you would never deny your horny tranny a lick or two of your bone? Ok, that’s enough, no teasing now, go on and enjoy my oral sex with a cute fuckable stallion.

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Don’t you have this itching feeling that takes hold of you and simply makes you look down at your cock with a naughty handjob idea? I am ready to confess that I, horny  Celeste Fuentes is currently fighting this irresistible idea. I fear to give up so here are some fresh snapshots of me holding it away trying to not stroke it…it feels like just one stroke of that cock might result in a fucking cumshot.




Hey, everyone. Watch me fucking with a friend of mine. He like me and I give him this thrill you know when no words are necessary to describe the state of…body. He walks in with a boner and you definitely see that he is hard. He says that his tgirl Celeste is the fuck desire of all men I can’t deny that shit he utters. I am ready to suck him off!

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A lovely male paid me a visit and guess what! We banged like fucking tranny rabbits. I let that fucker shove his skilled tongue down my ass and boy was I pleased to have done that! There is much more to see in the vid! Go ahead now, have all the pleasure watching me the sinful transsexual Celeste Fuentes stripping down naked to enjoy blowjob and anal hardcore in the exclusive movie just for you!




Howdy my horny bad ass boyfriends! I am in a fucking great mood! The high spirits keep me thinking bad thoughts which you are welcome to observe in this new HQ tranny Celeste Fuentes photoset. I started playing outside absolutely naked by the fence but was afraid of cold rain so moved in to continue the dirty show for you. Dare to accompany me inside this house of lust and

you will never regret the naughty experiment you’ve acquired.




There is one thing driving me completely wild – the slutty lingerie making me look absolutely astonishing. I mean I am ready to cum watching myself strip in the mirror. Now look at these gorgeous boobs and tell me looking straight in my fucking eyes that you do not have a boner. Use this chance with incredibly hot Celeste  posing for you in that mouthwatering fuck suit of lingerie.

I am all yours honey!




shemale-pornstar-Celeste-thumb-01   shemale-pornstar-Celeste-thumb-02 shemale-pornstar-Celeste-thumb-03   shemale-pornstar-Celeste-thumb-04 shemale-pornstar-Celeste-thumb-05   shemale-pornstar-Celeste-thumb-06

I am a terrible cock lover ad this cannot be changed. The guy was completely stunning with that stony hard boner offered to me I was like – get that thing over here, loverboy! That moment I realized that shemale pornstar – Celeste was lost to the world. I demanded to get brutally nailed by that stallion. The idea itself of being fucked by that male nearly made me cum. It was so damn good, I never wanted it to stop, I wanted him keep digging deeper!

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thumb-shemale-celeste-fuentes-dildo-05   thumb-shemale-celeste-fuentes-dildo-06

Give me a minute and I will show you how deep you can penetrate the hot and dirty shemale Celeste Fuentes with that astonishing fuck toy. When I see it rising I feel shiver rubbing down my spine in expectation of an ass tearing intrusion. Boy Celeste feels bad when shit like this happens. I feel hard when reminding myself of this experience. Do help your hard cocked shemale Celeste  with a friendly push of that dildo deep into the black hole of your desires.

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I know you enjoy watching the sexy shapes of Celeste Fuentes go wild for you that is why I never doubted the necessity of a slutty photo session o the beach with a bit of naughty bath taking. This is all for you my horny fans. Enjoy the HQ Celeste Fuentes Bobs T-girls gallery and come back for I’m sure we’ll have lots dirty pleasure. You are welcome to smear my pics with fresh portions of our cum as I love the scent of orgasm and like to see men ovulate for me.